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15 July21 July

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Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 64
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Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo SNES
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PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo SNES, Nintendo Wii, Arcade
PlayStation 1
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Sega Saturn
Monday 15th, July
11:00 pmIntro SpeechASM2024
11:15 pmSplatoon 3: Side OrderRACENew Game+, Restricted Colour Chips
Tuesday 16th, July
12:05 amBlinx: The Time SweeperAll Medals
1:40 amFuturamaAny%
2:45 amBoktai 2: Solar Boy DjangoAny%
4:55 amBorderlands 2 Any% w/DLC Gaige
7:50 amASNN Day 1Day 1 Recap
8:00 amThe World Ends With You Final RemixAny% Normal 1P2C
IncentivesFinal Time AttackMusic Choice
11:40 amDisgaea 5 CompleteAny%
IncentivesUsalia Colour Choice
1:15 pmA Dance of Fire and IceMain Game All Lanterns
IncentivesCrown Levels
2:15 pmXenoblade Chronicles 3Any% Normal
IncentivesMio's hairstyle
9:40 pmCrimson SeaG-Squad Mode%
11:50 pmBufferPhonics Racing Adventure (2002)Out of Bounds
Wednesday 17th, July
12:15 amUndertaleNeutral
IncentivesLeft/right gang (bid war)
1:30 amDragon's BlockmaDragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenAny%
IncentivesArisen + Pawn as Shrek and Fiona
3:20 amDragon's BlockmaDragon's Dogma 2NG Dragon%
5:10 amJet Set Radio FutureAny%
6:50 amCrowd ControlHades3 Weapons
8:45 amASNN Day 2Day 2 Recap
8:55 amBufferMario Kart 64All Cups (No Skips)
9:55 amPokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega RubyRACEAny%
IncentivesLatias NicknameGroudon NicknameKyogre NicknameCastform NicknameLatios Nickname
1:25 pm5 Minute Games ShowcaseSpyro: Enter The Dragonfly | Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance | A Link to the Past | KeyWe | False Dream | Smile For Me | Haven Park | Bibi Blocksberg Big Broom Race 3 | Toaster Jam | Freeways | A Short Hike | Hades | Wii Party | Coffee Shop | Refunct
2:25 pmGod of War 2Very Hard Glitchless
6:25 pmBioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1RACEAny%
7:00 pmAmerican ArcadiaAny%
11:15 pmHearthstone: Blackrock MountainHeroic
IncentivesTrick Showcase
Thursday 18th, July
12:50 amCollect-a-BlockBanjo-Kazooie100% (N64)
3:15 amCollect-a-BlockYooka-LayleeAny% with Flight
3:55 amCollect-a-BlockSuper Kiwi 6440 Gems
4:25 amBlock 358/2 ReMIXKingdom Hearts 2 Final MixRACECritical Any% Gummi Skip
7:10 amBlock 358/2 ReMIXKingdom Hearts 3RACENew Game Beginner Any%
10:40 amBlock 358/2 ReMIXKingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2: A Fragmentary PassageAny% Beginner Mode
11:15 amASNN Day 3Day 3 Recap
11:25 amIt Takes TwoCO-OPAny%
1:20 pmCrypt of the NecroDancerHatsune Miku All Zones
1:50 pmBufferThe NewZealand StoryAny%
2:15 pmFinal Fantasy IXCO-OPAny% Relay
IncentivesBlindfolded NecronZidane name
11:55 pmGolden SunAny% (Fusion Dragon, Restricted)
Friday 19th, July
2:25 amDonkey Kong CountryRACENo Major Skips
3:30 amCrowd ControlSonic SuperstarsAny%
4:50 amSprash BashCrash Bandicoot100%
6:20 amSprash BashCrash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back100%
7:45 amSprash BashSpyro: Year of the Dragon100 Egg
IncentivesBig Head vs Flat Spyro
8:55 amBufferAER: Memories of OldAny%
9:45 amASNN Day 4Day 4 Recap
9:55 amViewfinderAny%
10:35 amStreet Fighter 6World Tour, All Main Chapters
IncentivesUpgrade to 'All Masters'
1:45 pmJumping JacksonGame A (16 Levels)
2:40 pmThe Legend of BlockThe Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD100% New Game
IncentivesGive the Love Letter or Use it as toilet paper
11:50 pmThe Legend of BlockThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildTraveller's Challenge
IncentivesGo back to Akkala Tower
Saturday 20th, July
12:55 amThe Legend of BlockThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past RandomiserRACEOpen mode
IncentivesFile name - StenPlayer sprite - StenFile name - vichiPlayer sprite - vichi
3:05 amTeam Buddies100%
5:15 amTAS ShowcaseCO-OPVarious
6:10 amCrowd ControlCelesteTrue Ending
8:50 amASNN Day 5Day 5 Recap
9:00 amHollow Knight107% All Bosses No Major Glitches
IncentivesPath of Pain
12:20 pmSilent HillEnding bidwar, Easy
IncentivesPick the Ending
1:50 pmDiablo III: Reaper of SoulsAny% NG (Monk)
3:45 pmKingdom HeartsAny% (category bid war)
IncentivesJapanese or English
9:25 pmBulk SlashAny% MISS
10:00 pmOtto MaticAny%
10:45 pmBufferSonic Adventure 2: BattleHero Story
11:35 pmPlateUp!CO-OPFish duo
IncentivesName the restaurant
Sunday 21st, July
12:15 amGrisAll Achievements
2:25 amHawk BlawkTony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2All Goals and Golds (THPS2, NG)
2:50 amHawk BlawkTony Hawk's UndergroundBeginner Any%
3:50 amHawk BlawkTony Hawk's Underground 2Easy, NG
4:15 amCrowd ControlSimpsons Hit and RunAll Story Missions
6:45 amASNN Day 6Day 6 Recap
6:55 amCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)CO-OPSpec Ops Veteran (No Strafejump)
IncentivesCrowd does "Race"
8:55 amOutro SpeechSee you all next year!