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/ ˈspiː drʌn /

nounan instance of completing a video game, or level of a game, as fast as possible

We are AusSpeedruns.
A non-profit organisation dedicated to raising money for charity through speedrun marathons.

We have been organising speedrun marathons since 2015, starting with AVCon in Adelaide. Since then, we have grown to become the largest speedrun marathon organisation in Australia, with a strong and dedicated community. In addition to working with conventions such as PAX Australia, The Game Expo, AVCon, and Comic Con Australia, we also run our own annual event, the Australian Speedrun Marathon.

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So far we have raised over$160,000for different charities in Australia.
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So if you're a fan of playing games as fast as possible and want to make a difference, we encourage you to get involved with AusSpeedruns. Whether you're a veteran speedrunner or just picked up your first speedgame, we welcome you to join us and be a part of something special. Together, we can make a difference while going fast.

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