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11 July16 July

Run Type
Arcade PCB
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo NES
Nintendo SNES
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 1
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 5
Tuesday 11th, July
11:30 pmCrash Team RacingRACEAny% No Major Glitches
Wednesday 12th, July
12:40 amLemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsAny%
1:40 amCult Of The LambAny% Easy Unrestricted
3:30 amAtlantis: The Lost EmpireAny%
4:35 amCrowd ControlHollow Knight107% (Crowd Control)
IncentivesPath of Pain
8:10 amSkullyNG Any%
9:15 amAusSpeedruns News NetworkDay 1
9:25 amThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastAll Dungeons, Swordless (Major Glitches)
11:15 amBonusThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pastany%
IncentivesThis is a bonus game
11:30 amBackupUntitled Goose GameAny% Glitchless
11:55 amFire Emblem EngageBeat the Game
IncentivesName Main CharacterWatch Bad Ending
1:50 pmEastern ExorcistAny%
3:10 pmFinal Fantasy 8CO-OPAny%
IncentivesRename SquallController switch
11:20 pmBlinx: The Time SweeperAny% Original
Thursday 13th, July
12:40 amKingdom Hearts 2 Final MixRACEBeginner any% (PC Modded)
IncentivesLVL 1 Crit Sephiroth/Terra Race
3:30 amCyber Hookany% (All Main Levels)
4:20 amSonic HeroesTeam Sonic (Unrestricted)
6:00 amOmega Boostany%
IncentivesHard Mode
6:45 amHAWK BLAWKTony Hawk's Pro Skater 3any%
7:05 amHAWK BLAWKTony Hawk's UndergroundAny% Beginner
8:00 amBonusTony Hawk's Underground 2Story (Easy)
IncentivesThis is a bonus game
8:20 amAusSpeedruns News NetworkDay 2
8:30 amCastlevania Harmony of DissonanceRACEMaxim any% All bosses
9:10 amKeyWeCO-OPany%
10:35 amResident Evil 2 RemakeLeon A (60fps)
IncentivesCostume Selection
11:55 amHearthstone: Curse of NaxxramasHeroic
IncentivesTrick Showcase
1:10 pm[Prototype]Any% Easy Mode
3:35 pmBlood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's DororoAny%
7:05 pmHi-Fi RUSHAll Choruses
IncentivesDrop/Catch Korsica Bid War
10:25 pmKena: Bridge of SpiritsEasy NG Any% (PMI/VH-less)
11:15 pmOctopath TravelerSingle Story Ophilia Switch NMG
Friday 14th, July
12:40 amPac-Man WorldAny%
1:25 amF-Zero GXAll Tracks Time Attack
3:05 amMetal Gear Solid 1All Bosses, Extreme Difficulty, Cig% (Damageless or 1% health)
IncentivesEscape with Meryl or Otacon
5:15 amCrowd ControlCelesteAny% (Crowd Control)
6:25 amDiablo IIIRACEany% New Game+
7:25 amDonkey Kong CountryRACEAll Stages
8:15 amAusSpeedruns News NetworkDay 3
8:25 amCrash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back100%
10:00 amJak 3Any% Hero Mode
10:30 amEyeToy PlayEasy
11:25 amBloons Tower Defence 6Black Border% Expert Difficulty
2:25 pmSPORTS BLOCKAFL Evolution 2Season Mode Full Season + Grand Final Win
2:55 pmSPORTS BLOCKCricket 19Five5
IncentivesComplete run in cricket gear
3:15 pmSPORTS BLOCKF1 2021Braking Point
IncentivesChoose the TeamChange the control input
7:35 pmRAGEAny%
10:05 pmPokemon Fire RedTrainer Tower
IncentivesTrainer NameRival Name
Saturday 15th, July
2:45 amThe Legend of ZeldaAny% (No Up+A)
4:05 amCrowd ControlThe Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimGlitchless Main Quest (Crowd Control)
8:00 amSonic Adventure DXBig The Cat - Relay
8:30 amSpyro Reignited: Ripto's RageBone Dance
8:45 amAusSpeedruns News NetworkDay 4
8:55 amBackupThe Worlds Hardest GameAny%
9:15 amThe World's Hardest Game 3100%
10:10 amShippu Mahou Daisakusen ~Kingdom Grand Prix~Win The Race 1-ALL
10:45 amSuperliminalAll Collectables
11:25 amSpyro: Year of the Dragon - ReignitedAny%
IncentivesSpyro's Colour
12:50 pmBonusFarming Simulator 2019100% Tutorials
IncentivesThis is a bonus game
1:20 pmMiddle-Earth: Shadow Of Warany%
4:45 pmRPG BLOCKGolden Sun: The Lost AgeAny%: No Save and Quit
IncentivesCollect Iris
10:40 pmRPG BLOCKTriangle StrategyA World Free of Sin NG+
IncentivesChoose an ending
Sunday 16th, July
12:25 amRPG BLOCKFinal Fantasy X-2No Creature Creator
IncentivesGo on then, sing the song!
4:20 amDust: An Elysian TailAny% Warps
4:55 amFEZAny%
6:00 amAusSpeedruns News NetworkDay 5 (Final!)
6:10 amCrowd ControlMinecraft: Java EditionAny% Glitchless Random Seed 1.16+ (Crowd Control)