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22 March24 March

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TimeGameCategoryRunnersEstimate (HH:MM:SS)PlatformDonation Incentive
Friday 22nd, March
11:00 pmIntro speechWelcome! 0:05:00IRL
11:10 pmFinal Fantasy IXRACE Disc 4 Race 0:50:00PlayStation 1
Saturday 23rd, March
12:05 amCrypt of the NecrodancerRACE Cadence Race 0:20:00PC
12:30 amSonic SuperstarsStory Mode (Tails) 0:50:00PC
 1:25 amCrash Team RacingAny% (No Major Glitches) 1:05:00PlayStation 1Character select
 2:35 amThe Simpsons: Hit and RunAll Story Missions 1:25:00PC
 4:05 amCelesteAll Red Berries 1:20:00PCCateline | File name
 5:30 amSpyro: Year of the DragonAny% 0:35:00PlayStation 1Spyro's colour
11:00 pmTime Crisis 3Story Mode - Very Hard 0:35:00PlayStation 2
11:45 pmRumble RosesStory Mode Normal - Reiko 0:25:00PlayStation 2
Sunday 24th, March
12:15 amDigimon Battle Spirit 2Any% Easy 0:20:00Nintendo Game Boy AdvancePick my character!
12:40 amF Zero GXAll Tracks Time Attack (Max Speed) 1:30:00Nintendo Game Cube
 2:15 amSuper Mario OdysseyAny% 1:10:00Nintendo Switch
 3:30 amSuper Sami RollAny% 0:50:00PC
 4:25 amSpyro 2: Ripto's Rage - ReignitedBone Dance 0:20:00PC
 4:45 amSpyro Year of the Dragon - ReignitedAny% 1:10:00PC
 6:00 amOutro speechFilibuster 0:05:00IRL