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ASGX2023 Schedule

10 March12 March

Run Type
Nintendo 64
Nintendo Switch
Playstation 2
Friday 10th, March
11:05 pmKingdom Hearts II Final MixRACELevel 1 Any% Gummi Skip
Saturday 11th, March
1:55 amThe Entropy CentreRACENo Major Glitches
4:00 amSuper Smash Bros. UltimateAll Challenges: Classic Mode
4:40 amExciting Bass 3CO-OPAny% (Co-op)
5:25 amHearthstone: Knights of the Frozen ThroneSolo Adventures
11:00 pmCelesteAll Cassettes
11:50 pmSpyro Year of the Dragon - ReignitedRACEBone Dance
IncentivesSpyro Colour
Sunday 12th, March
12:15 amBorderlands 2CO-OPAny% Co-Op
2:40 amFire Emblem: Three HousesRACECindered Shadows
IncentivesChoose Byleth gender
3:20 amF-Zero GXStory Mode (Very Hard)
4:00 amDiablo 2 ResurrectedCO-OPCo-Op (Normal, Duo)
IncentivesSecret cow level
5:10 amBomberman 64any% Full Power