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26 April28 April

Schedule Key

TimeGameCategoryRunnersEstimate (HH:MM:SS)PlatformDonation Incentive
Friday 26th, April
 1:00 amMonsters Inc. Scream TeamAny% No Medal Duplication 0:50:00PlayStation 1
 1:55 amBioShock InfiniteGearless% 2:00:00Playstation 4
 4:00 amUntitled Goose GameAny% Glitchless 0:15:00PC
 4:20 amHollow KnightAny%, No Major Glitches 0:50:00PC
 5:15 amSonic OriginsSonic 2 - Co-op 0:30:00PCCo-op Partner
 5:50 amHere Comes Niko!any% 0:30:00PC
 6:25 amCrimson SeaG-Squad Mode% 2:00:00Xbox
 8:30 amPortalInbounds (No Save Load Abuse) 0:20:00PC
 8:55 amFire Emblem: Three HousesBlue Lions (Normal) 1:35:00Nintendo Switch
10:35 amKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesRiku's Story 1:30:00Nintendo Game Boy Advance
12:10 pmSpyro Year of the Dragon - ReignitedNeo Portals 0:40:00PC
Saturday 27th, April
 1:00 amSmile For Me22 Happy Habititians Good Ending 0:50:00PCBonus Run: Any%
 1:55 amThe Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimGlitchless Main Quest 1:50:00PCBonus Run: Marriage
 3:50 amSpyro: Year of the Dragon100 Egg 1:00:00PlayStation 1Spyro colour
 4:55 amCrash Team RacingAny% No Major Glitches 1:05:00PlayStation 1
 6:05 amSuper Mario 64Ability Randomizer 1:30:00Nintendo 64
 7:40 amSimpsons Hit and RunAll Story Missions 1:30:00PC
 9:15 amCult Of The LambAny% Easy Unrestricted 1:25:00PC
10:45 amRAGEAny% 2:10:00PC
Sunday 28th, April
 1:00 amKeyWeCO-OP any% Co-op 1:10:00PC
 2:15 amPokemon Fire RedManipless (Glitched) 1:35:00Nintendo Game Boy AdvanceSquirtle name | Boy vs Girl | Trainer name | Rival name
 3:55 amSpyro 2: Ripto's Rage - ReignitedBone Dance 0:20:00PC
 4:20 amWho Wants to be a MillionaireAny% (Easy Mode) 0:15:00Nintendo Switch
 4:40 amThe Simpsons GameNG+ 1:00:00Xbox 360
 5:45 amMario Golf World TourAll DLC Courses 1:00:00Nintendo 3DS
 6:50 amHalf-life 2Any% No Voidclip 0:55:00PC
 7:50 amBioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1Any% 0:25:00PC
 8:20 amFarewellSo long 0:05:00PC