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05 October08 October

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TimeGameCategoryRunnersEstimate (HH:MM:SS)PlatformDonation Incentive
Thursday 5th, October
10:00 pmXenoblade Chronicles 3 ~ Future RedeemedCO-OP Any% Normal 2:20:00Nintendo Switch
Friday 6th, October
12:25 amPitfall: The Lost ExpeditionAny% 0:35:00Nintendo GameCube
Crash Block
 1:05 amCrash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimeAny% 1:30:00PC
 2:40 amCrash Bandicoot: WarpedAny% (No Item Glitch) 0:50:00PlayStation 1
 3:35 amMetroid Zero Mission9% Normal 1:10:00Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Racing Block
 4:50 amDiddy Kong Racing100% 2:00:00Nintendo 64
 6:55 amF Zero GXStory Mode (Very Hard) Max Speed 0:35:00Nintendo GameCube
 7:35 amMario Kart 64150cc All Cups (No Skips) 0:55:00Nintendo 64Character Choice
 8:35 amPokemon VioletPath of Legends (With Intro) 2:05:00Nintendo SwitchName the main (Flamigo). 12 Character limit.
10:45 amPico ParkCO-OP 2 Player 0:30:00PCPlayer Colour
11:15 amDonkey Kong CountryRACE All Stages
neo_ and nei
10:00 pmFinal Fantasy VII Remake IntergradeNew Game Easy 0:55:00PlayStation 5
11:00 pmHeistAny% NG 0:25:00PC
11:30 pmHere Comes Niko!Any% 0:30:00PC
Saturday 7th, October
12:05 amBlast CorpsAny% (NTSC 1.0) 0:35:00Nintendo 64Filename
12:45 amPortalRACE Glitchless 0:30:00PC
Mario Block
 1:20 amSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's FuryBowser's Fury Any% 0:45:00Nintendo Switch
 2:10 amSuper Mario 6416 Star 0:25:00Nintendo 64
 2:40 amThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomAny% (pre v1.2.0) 1:00:00Nintendo Switch
 3:45 amSid Meier's Pirates! (2004)Any% 0:30:00PCComplete run in pirate gear
 4:20 amKingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HDData Organisation Boss Rush 0:40:00PC
 5:05 am40 WinksAny% 0:05:00PlayStation 1
 5:15 amBayonetta 2Any% Normal 1:50:00Nintendo SwitchUpgrade Difficulty to Hard
 7:10 amLego Batman 3: Beyond Gothamany% 0:15:00PC
Resi Block
 7:30 amResident Evil 2 (1998)Leon A 0:55:00PC
 8:30 amResident Evil 3: NemesisNemesis% 1:05:00PCNemesis% Arrange
 9:00 amSuper Mario WorldIn The 6 0:10:00SNES
 9:40 amShadow RacerAny% 0:15:00PC
10:00 amRatchet & Clank: Into the NexusNG+ 0:30:00PlayStation 3
10:35 amSuper Sami RollAny% 1:00:00PC
11:40 amSonic Origins PlusSonic 1 with Amy 0:25:00PCCo-Op Partner
10:00 pmAxiom Verge 2any% - no Boomerang Steering 0:30:00Nintendo Switch
10:35 pmPokemon Sword/ShieldRACE Any% w/DLC 4:20:00Nintendo SwitchName the main
Sunday 8th, October
 3:00 amControlAny% Inbounds, No Shield Glitch 1:30:00PCOutfit choice | Watch Dynamite cutscene
 4:35 amSuper Smash BrosUnlock All Characters 0:40:00Nintendo 64
 5:20 amMonkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeAny% 0:35:00FM Towns
 6:00 amSpyro 2: Ripto's Rage!40 Orb 0:50:00PlayStation 1Spyro Colour